Myosin II regulation of cell adhesion

A curious paper was published recently on JCB from Alan Horwitz lab:

Regulation of protrusion, adhesion dynamics, and polarity by myosins IIA and IIB in migrating cells
The Journal of Cell Biology 176 (5), 573 (2007)
They propose an independent role for non-muscle myosin-IIA (MIIA) and IIB (MIIB) in adhesion dynamics, both at the leading edge and at the trailing edge. Using RNAi against each of the isoforms they show that both isoforms are required for proper formation and maturation of focal contacts at the leading edge, although these motors are not localized at focal contacts. Interestingly, only MIIA is required for adhesion disassembly at the trailing edge.
How these motors regulate adhesion is still unknow, but likely myosin II exert its regulation through actin fibers that emanate (or end) and focal contacts and focal adhesions. Let's see if future works validate this hypothesis.


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