Actin-dependent nuclear movement in neurons

I know it's been a while since I post here. But I cannot resist to quickly tell you about this paper:

Actomyosin Is the Main Driver of Interkinetic Nuclear Migration in the Retina",
Caren Norden, Stephen Young, Brian A. Link and William A. Harris
Cell, Volume 138, Issue 6, 18 September 2009, Pages 1195-1208

Not only the authors show very nicely that interkinectic movement is actomyosin-dependent (while until now the model suggest an microtubule-dependent movement), but most interesting is the analogy they describe in the discussion:

"....in our opinion, IKNM is reminiscent of movements of people at a crowded party held in a room with a bar at one end. When people get thirsty, they go to the bar to get a drink. Then they move or are pushed away to make room for others at the bar. Between drinks the partygoers jostle around the room, but when they get thirsty again, they return to the bar in a fast and directed manner."

Great analogy!